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Hi Im Dr. Jim, Family Chiropractor and Bedding expert and welcome to the flexi pillow range


Sleep is essential to life and vital to our health. Designed to heal and rejuvenate our mind and physical body, it is a 6 - 8 hourly nightly experience that takes up a third of our life - 27 years in an 81 years olds life!


Healthy sleep is the quality of sleep that occurs when our body is relaxed and aligned. The surface we sleep on, our pillow will directly influence the quality of our sleep and wellbeing as well as the short & long term wellness of our spine.


Flexi Pillow is designed to provide the ultimate in comfort and support. It combines the features and benefits of many pillows into a compact, relevant range of adjustable contoured pillows. Flexi Pillows are made from either Visco Elastic, Gel or Latex. Because Flexi Pillow is adjustable to four heights, achieving good sleeping posture is now easy.


We are excited to size and fit you up for the correct chiropractic 'flexi' pillow. No different to a podiatrist fitting and prescribing an orthotic or a gym instructor precribing exercises


Here are 3 reasons why you'll be sleeping well when buy your flexi pillow from your trusted spinal health experts from the bedding clinic:


1. We make buying the perfect flexi pillow easy. Unlike a retailer, we provide sleep posture and bed expert advise with our FREE pillow-spinal consultation to assist you find the right pillow for you. We assess your sleep posture on your back and side on our unique flexi pillow range. With over 1000 hours of working experience with Sealy, premium European products (Tempur and Wenatex)  as well as the major bedding giants - we can provide you the best pillow (and bed) solution.


2. 4 Adjustable heights and hygienic for this premium 'flexi pillow' products at 30% below the retail market. Ranging from $99 - $129 for our visco, latex and technologically advanced gel 'flexi pillow' our neck spinal contouring visco, gel, and latex chiro 'flexi pillow' are cutting edge production.


3. As chiropractors, we believe in the importance of a quality chiro flexi pillow for your sleep, health and spine. The decision to purchase the correct chiro 'flexi' pillow can influence the next 5 years of your life. We provide sleep tip solutions to overcome your sleep issues including neck soreness and shoulder challenges that can be linked to sleep. Feel confident when purchasing from your flexi pillow from us as you are investing in the future of your health.

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The flexi pillow range is a chiropractic therapeutic pillow range. To buy the flexi pillow range australia, including the flexi pillow gel pillow with its flexi gel pillow adjustable inserts than call us and ask about the flexi pillow reviews or somna medica flexi pillow review.

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