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Stress-free, soothing sleep. Flexi Pillow adjusts to your body size . Adapts to your body shape.

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Testimonial with Chiropractic Flexi Pillow.

"I have been a Chiropractor for 15 years and have a passionate focus on ‘Healthy Sleep and Wellbeing” since 2004.  Having used my own specialised mattress and pillow testing method since 2007, I exclusively use the Flexi Pillow range to evaluate for and prescribe the correct pillow to compliment my clients chiropractic mattress and healthy sleep postures. Two reasons why – The Flexi pillow Range caters for helping me find the correct Pillow firmness from the choice of Gel, Latex or Memory Foam range and the Pillow height, due to each pillow having 4  possible height choices.  I appreciate both Powell’s and the Flexi Pillow team for its support and customer service."


Dr. Jim Skivalidas, Melbourne Chiropractic. Bedding Clinic.