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Flexi Pillow Harmony, Chiropractic Pillow Melbourne

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The Flexi Pillow Harmony is one of the favourites especially for Chiropractor Melbourne, Dr. Jim. The Flexi pillow harmony is of medium firmness, adjustable, made from premium Memory Foam and is moderately contoured. Please read Product Description below for more details. 

  • Medium to Firm Feel

  • Premium Memory Foam

  • Gentle Contour – helps sleep posture

  • Ideal for back and side sleepers

  • High Pressure Relief

  • Adjustable – one size fits all

  • Covered in Luxurious Tencel® Rich Fabric

  • Recommended by Health Professionals Australia wide

  • Size 55×36.5×11.5/9 CM(Contours) +2cm Adj Piece

The flexi pillow harmony is the most popular Flexi Pillow that we have in our range. The reason the flexi pillow harmony it is so popular is due to its medium to firm feel which caters for most people. The premium dense memory foam used in the flexi pillow harmony is 60kg/m3 which is ultra pressure relieving and conforms perfectly to the curves of ones neck and shoulders.


The Flexi Pillow Harmony Pillow has a very slow recovery rate which is a characteristic of High Grade Memory Foam. The pillow has a double lobe design with 2 contours, one at 13.5 cm and the other at 11.5cm. There is a removable base of 2cm that makes the pillow adjustable and perfect for all sizes.


The Flexi Pillow Harmony is covered in a plush Tencel®-Rich fabric creating a most comfortable sleeping surface. Tencel® is eco- friendly, moisture absorbant, and anti-bacterial. This flexi pillow has convolutions cut into the top surface which assists in improving air circulation and softens the surface. The Felxi Pillow Harmony, Chiropractic Pillow Melbourne is designed for people who sleep on their backs or sides. In summary the Flexi Pillow Harmony is ideal for back and side sleepers that are looking for an immensely comfortable pillow with excellent support –  a Melbourne Chiropractic & Bedding Clinic favourite.

Flexi Pillow Harmony

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Discover 3 reasons why you'll be sleeping well when buy your flexi pillow harmony or the necessary chiropractic pillow melbourne from your trusted spinal health experts:


1. We make buying the perfect flexi pillow, harmony or other chiropractic pillow melbourne easy. Compared to retailer, we provide sleep posture and bed expert advise with our FREE pillow sleep test melbourne consultation to assist you find the right pillow for you. We assess your sleep posture on your back and side on our selected range of flexi pillow (aleve, harmony etc) range. With over 10000 hours of working experience with Sealy, premium European products (Tempur and Wenatex)  as well as the major bedding giants - we can provide you the best pillow (and bed) solution.


2. Our flexi pillow harmony, and other chiropracic pillow range have 4 Adjustable heights and hygienic for this premium chiropractic pillow melbourne range at 30% below the retail market. Ranging from $99 - $129 for our visco, latex and technologically advanced gel 'flexi pillow' our neck spinal contouring visco, gel, and latex chiro 'flexi pillow harmony and other flexi pillows are technologically advanced production.


3. As chiropractic doctors, we believe in the importance of a quality chiropractic flexi pillow harmony and other melbourne pillows for your sleep, health and spine. The decision to purchase the correct chiro 'flexi' pillow can influence the next 5 years of your sleep life. Along with the flexi pillow harmony, we provide sleep tip solutions to overcome your sleep issues including neck soreness and shoulder challenges that can be linked to sleep. Feel confident when purchasing from your flexi pillow harmony and other chiro pillows from us as you are investing in the future of your health.

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