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Stress-free, soothing sleep. Flexi Pillow adjusts to your body size . Adapts to your body shape.

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Get Fitted. FREE Sleep Test Melbourne with Dr. Jim

Get Fitted for the right chiropractic pillow and pillows melbourne with Dr. Jim


Pillow Match System done by chiropractor, Dr. Jim

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Discover in 15 minutes what the right pillow firmess and right pillow sleep posture is for your body with our PILLOW - SPINAL MATCH assessment


1. Be assessed for the correct sleep posture for your body shape and size


Is the pillow contouring me better when I lay on my back of filling the gap when I am on my side?



2. Be fitted tested for the right pillow firmness


Is soft to medium latex better for me?

Is my body and shoulder better suited to the sinking feeling of memory foam?

Is the gently firm to medium of the cooling gel good for me?



Dr. Jim, chiropractor pillow specialist melbourne, uses a unique method of testing you for the right sleep posture and correct pillow firmness according to your body type and health conditions.

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